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Selling your business can be the most significant event in an owner’s lifetime.  Our job is to value your business using sophisticated methods that are fine-tuned for your particular industry.   Our methodology includes assets, income and goodwill based approaches.  Our team will also look at comparative sales data from many sources.  We believe that each company has a unique value within its own industry.   When the final valuation is finished, it will demonstrate how a buyer will view your business and what effects it will have on what they are willing to pay.   We are proud members of the Business Brokers of Florida.

Free Business Valuation

What is my business worth?  The team at Premier Business Group understands how buyers are likely to evaluate your company and what they see as the risk that will determine how much they are willing to pay.  Our job is to evaluate that risk long before they become issues.

An experienced and competent broker operates on a "need to know" basis by first evaluating prospective buyers and only then having them sign a confidentiality agreement.

Our valuation report uses the same methods that you’ll see in reports costing thousands of dollars.  We use a number of different valuation methods that are fine-tuned just for you.  Our methods include asset, income and liquidation based approaches.  We also look at comparative sales data from many sources.  Too often sellers and advisors apply various “multipliers” and “rules of thumb” to determine value. We don’t, as we believe each company has its own unique value.   When the final valuation is finished, it will demonstrate how different types of buyers view your Florida business and how it affects what they are willing to pay.  Most sellers only sell their Florida business once and we believe in doing it right the first time. Contact a Premier Business consultant for a Free business valuation.

Why Use A Broker?

Selling a business presents challenges; but at Premier Business Group you can rest assured you'll be getting great advice through the selling process. Some points to consider: Confidentiality - how do you minimize the possibility of employees, vendors, and competitors, finding out that your business is for sale?

Your competent business broker will help you prepare the relevant disclosures and even more importantly, they will have carefully matched the buyer to your business and will provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision as to the buyer's probability of success. There are other reasons to use a broker.

Why Buy An Existing Business?

It's a good question with a lot of good answers.  Many buyers want the cash flow.  An existing business has customers, products and services, suppliers, employees and the necessary infrastructure to generate cash flow.  Sometimes, it's the opportunity to better utilize your professional skills and create a lifestyle that working for someone else simply doesn't permit.  Some buyers are expanding their existing business as buying a similar company.  Maybe it's the opportunity to live and work in a community that offers a better life for you and your family. Check out Premier Business Group's listings now.