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Tips For Sellers
Tips For Sellers

Your business broker can guide you on the do's and don't's when selling your business.  Let Premier Business Group put our experienced team to work for you!  Here are some tips to consider when you're ready to sell.

Reasonably Price Your Business

Price too low, leave money on the table.  Price too high, nothing happens. An inflated figure can turn off potential buyers; rely on your business broker to arrive at the best price. The wrong price discourages many buyers from even looking at a business.

Keep Your Business As Usual

Don't become so obsessed with the transaction that your attention wanders from day-to-day demands, affecting sales, costs, and profits.  Premier Business Group allows you to stay on track with your current business operations. 

Engage Our Expert Business Brokers

A confidentiality breach about the sale of your business can change the course of the transaction. Working with our brokers help you minimize the possibility of employees, vendors, and competitors, finding out that your business is for sale.

Prepare In Advance

A good business broker will prepare an offering portfolio for your business to have ready for qualified buyers. The business owners can help in the process by "housecleaning" - as well as a literal sprucing up of the facilities.

Be Flexible With The Sale Terms

Don't be the kind of seller who wants all-cash at the closing, or who won't accept any contingent payments or an asset transaction. Depend on the advice of your business broker; they can give you insight on the elements of the deal. 

Negotiate; Don't Dominate

You are used to being your own boss, but be prepared to learn that the buyer may be used to having his way, too. Rely on the experience of the team at Premier Business Grow.  We can help you decide ahead of time "when to hold and when to fold."