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Why Use A Business Broker?

When an owner is ready to sell a business, it's time to seek the help of a professional business broker.  Your Premier Business Group broker brings you peace of mind that the sales process and transaction will be handled in the best way possible. 


  • Your confidentiality and identity is protected during the marketing of your business for sale. Prospective buyers will only see a  document describing the company without revealing its identity.
  • You can keep "business as usual" during the selling process while your broker is working on the sale.
  • Business brokers use their tools to reach the largest possible base of buyers.
  • Your company is presented in the best light to maximize the sale price. Your business broker understands the key values buyers are looking for and can consult you on needed changes that may lead to a better selling price.
  • Your business broker will prepare a valuation using accepted industry standard variables.  For example, your business broker has access to business transaction databases that can be used as guidelines or reference points. 
  • Most corporate buyers have acquired multiple businesses while sellers usually have only one sale. An experience business broker can level the playing field for a business owner making his one and only business sale.
  • Since the business broker’s sole function is to sell the business, there’s a much better chance that a deal will be closed in less time. The faster the sale, the lower the risk of employee problems, customer defection and predatory competition.